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Hearing testing and it's Importance not to be underrated

Hearing tests are required in B.C. for workers exposed to noise greater than 85 dBA Lex for eight hours, or its equivalent, a noise dose of one Pascal-squared hour (Pa2h).

Hearing tests are vital because they identify the beginning of noise-induced hearing loss long before workers notice it. As part of the test, workers are individually counseled about the results, the follow-up required, and when a repeat test will occur. Workers are also counseled about the type of hearing protection to use.

Hearing tests must be conducted annually to effectively monitor the hearing of noise-exposed workers. The hearing test, including counseling, takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

During a hearing test, a worker is seated in a soundproof booth with a window and a set of earphones are placed over the ears. When the worker is ready, the audiometric technician sends a series of tones through the earphones to one ear, and then the other. The worker signals the technician as the tones are heard. The workers’ responses are recorded for each ear and the results are graphed on a chart called an audiogram.

Duties of the industrial audiometric technician are:
● Performing the hearing test.
● Categorizing the test results.
● Counseling workers on the state of their hearing and compare it with previous tests whenever possible.
● Advising workers on appropriate hearing protection.
● Submitting paperwork to the WCB and keeping records.
● Maintaining the audiometric equipment.
● Interpreting hearing test statistics to assist the company in evaluating the effectiveness of the hearing conservation program

Contractor testing

Able Mobile Hearing Conservation supplies hearing testing and counseling throughout B.C. to all types of industry. Able has mobile testing facilities that meet WCB standards and that can be brought on-site.
The Able Mobile Hearing technicians are trained and authorized to conduct hearing tests to all industrial workers in the province of British Columbia.